Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.


My passion is helping people, and there is no better way to help people than to help them find their next home!

As a full service York Region Real Estate Agent, I work with buyers and sellers in real estate transactions spanning all price ranges, property types and communities. When my own family was looking for a new home, we had a broad spectrum of requirements to address, such as layout requirements, easy commuting options and a variety of amenities to keep everyone happy. Understanding a family's needs is the key to finding the perfect home, because the perfect home includes more factors than just the beauty of the property. 

What makes me a good Realtor? I have compassion, patience, good listening skills, time management, and willing to do whatever it takes to make my clients happy. Throughout the buying and selling process, I ensure that my clients understand everything and that they are comfortable moving forward to the next step. Past clients have expressed to me that they appreciate my patience and understanding during the home buying process, ensuring not to put any added pressure when making a decision. When you find the right house, you know and there is no one that can make that decision but you.